Belt Gradings / Rankings

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Choi Kwang-Do uses the systematic use of belt color to denote rank, a practise often used in many other martial arts. The belt grading system, which is based on the obi (a sash for traditional Japanese dress) was first introduced by Kanō Jigorō, the founder of Judo and has been widely adopted by most martial arts.

Each belt marks your progression in the martial art Choi Kwang-Do along with your discipline, leadership skills and humility. The belt achieved should always be looked upon as an honour; it is not a 'status symbol' and should in no way be treated this way. On average, it takes approximately 3 to 5 years for a student to progress through the colour belts and reach 1st Degree Black Belt status. This timeframe is based on technical knowledge/ ability, attitude and attendance.

Gradings are held on a bi-monthly basis, most students will test every 2 to 4 months; our younger children tend to take a little longer. A student will be put forward to grade through the recommendation of a Head Instructor. There is a minimum of 12 classes between each grading.

Grading dates for the rest of 2016 are:

Dec 3rd | 2nd Dan Brown Tags

Dec 16th Adult | Dec 18th Children 

Dec 18th | Brown Belt Seniors and 1st Dan Brown Tags

Dec 21st | 2nd Dan tags


2017 Grading dates:

Feb 3rd Adult | Feb 5th Children

Apr 7th Adult | Apr 9th Children

Jun 2nd Adult | Jun 4th Children

Aug 4th Adult | Aug 6th Children

Oct 6th Adult | Oct 8th Children

Dec 1st Adult | Dec 3rd Children