Introduction Classes

Here at Leatherhead Choi Kwang Do, we understand that doing something for the first time can seem daunting. Therefore before officially becoming a student at Leatherhead Choi Kwang Do, you are first invited as our guest to take part in a two class Introduction programme (free of charge) in which you will experience our Martial Art first hand, under the supervision of one of our Black Belt Instructors.

As a new starter, you will be introduced to some basic Choi Kwang Do techniques and movements from the White Belt syllabus including:-

Deep muscular Stretching

Basic Punches and Kicks


Dynamic body movement

Defensive Techniques

Target Training

Close range (in-fighting) techniques

Throughout the introduction classes, we will continually give you feedback and answer any questions that you may have. After completing the two classes, we will invite you to enroll with our school. Contact us for more information.