Teen / Adult Classes


Choi Kwang Do is not designed for competition and does not follow the intensity of sports training. The system is meant for all individuals who want to learn real-life, practical self-defence skills and achieve a greater level of health and well-being, not people solely interested in winning trophies. Because it’s a non-contact, non-competitive art that stresses mental, physical, emotional and social development, Choi Kwang Do promotes non-violent resolutions to conflict, practical solutions to cardiovascular improvement, and enjoyable methods of exercise.

In addition, with competition removed, students can continually develop – not against each other, but with each other. With a progressive system from White belt to the highest level of 9th Degree Black belt, Choi Kwang Do always offers you something new and challenging to learn, experience and enjoy.

Students that train at Leatherhead CKD quickly notice an increase of energy levels, improved confidence and self-esteem. Continuous training allows students to develop endurance and a higher level of fitness, flexibility, speed and strength. Our adult classes currently run three nights a week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays


Choi Kwang Do techniques are based on bio-mechanical principles. We do not use sudden ‘jerky’ movements, our integrated movements allow students to adapt slowly, increasing their joint and muscle strength. Our techniques involve sequential movements. This ensures maximum force within every movement, whilst not causing any stress to the body. Adults abide to the Choi Kwang Do pledge...

Adults Pledge

  • To set positive goals and strive to achieve them
  • To apply self discipline to further my personal development
  • To stand for justice and honour my word
  • To promote friendly relationships among all people
  • To use what I learn in class in a constructive manner

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